Sunday, 8 May 2011

Pottering day..........

I was fully expecting a thunderstorm last night.  Yesterday evening was warm and sticky and very, very still.

Real 'calm before the storm' still.

It did rain a bit in the night but not enough to really clear the air and it's all a bit grey and overcast outside now so perhaps more rain is on the way.

I've finally finished inputting all the figures into my accounts spreadsheets but am taking a break from it for a few days before tackling the next stage.  I'm up for a bit of pottering today, mainly in the workroom, with my primary task being the packing of a 'caravan workbox' which I can take whenever we go away.  Last summer I actually got quite a lot done while we were camping........sitting in the shade working on tiny doll's costumes, or preparing micro I'm hoping to do the same this summer too.

I'm also going to rationalise my 'ideas' notebook and pick out some of the best to work on next. 

Just what I need.... a gentle, pottering Sunday.

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