Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Work/life balance...........

It's always a challenge, returning to work after a two week break, but I was fully prepared to buckle down this morning and get straight back into harness.  

First there was the overflowing email inbox to tackle.  One of the joys of camping in the middle of nowhere for the past fortnight has been the lack of a mobile phone/internet satellite signal, which has rendered me practically uncontactable.  However the downside is that while I was hoping to be able to pick up emails and keep up to date with things workwise, that just wasn't possible, hence the gargantuan task on my return.  I've just about got to the bottom of the work emails, so if you've been waiting for an email response I'm getting there.

I also have orders to package and despatch, as well as the pressing matter of the Kensington Dollshouse Festival showcase exhibit, which must reach their office by this Friday at the latest. 

As soon as that is done, and I've caught up with orders/enquiries etc, I have to set about tackling the business accounts in order to submit our tax return.

No pressure there then. 

So here is a realistic representation of how I will be spending the forseeable future.

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Karin F. said...

Damn! You've got my got my life...