Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's a bit blowy..........

Actually that's a gross understatement.  It's blowing a gale and one of our fence panels is holding on by a whisker so I'm fully expecting it to take to the skies at any moment.

Small Dog doesn't like blustery days and has had to be persuaded to go outside.  After a very quick windswept wee she came racing back indoors as if pursued by the hounds of hell.

I've done a brief stint in the workroom, mainly clearing up after my 'getting rid of stuff' efforts of the past few days.  I'm girding my loins to make a start on a batch of casting, which is long overdue but I have to make a list first.

*dares anyone to mention displacement activity......*

I've also had an unexpectedly productive morning on the laptop, setting up an exciting new venture which will be unveiled later this year.  I did it using HTML and everythin' and despite my scepticism of my amateur coding skills I'm amazed to find that it actually works!

Who'd have thunk it..........


Anonymous said...

Know what HTML stands for eh?
Horribly Tortuous Machiavellian Language...that's what!

Sandra Morris said...
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Sandra Morris said...

Buggrit.... tried to leave a clever bit of html code in reply to your comment Sue, but Blogger won't let me :-(