Saturday, 21 May 2011

The nemesis of stuff..........

As if we didn't have enough stuff in the house to deal with, yesterday we decided to tackle the top shed.

*rolls eyes*

Emptying it took about an hour all told, after which time we had covered an area of approximately half the garden with stuff.

There followed an interlude of both of us morosely standing looking at it all, hoping that perhaps a massive seagull, four times the size of an albatross, with a penchant for spidery old rubbish would swoop down and take it all away.

Sadly, this didn't occur, so we were forced to tackle it all, bit by bit and decide what to do with it.  

Some of it was easy - broken stuff, mouse-nibbled stuff, tatty old rubbishy stuff, all went in the bin.

Some of it wasn't so easy - large dismantled wardrobe, kiln spares for my previous smaller kiln, no end of packaging supplies surplus to requirements. 

So we had no choice but to recourse to Freecycle - arch nemesis of stuff.  As a result, today we will be waiting for an ardent army of assorted freecyclers to collect a cornucopia of stuff, ranging from an old fluorescent light fitting, though assorted lever arch files and folders, document storage boxes, recycled padded envelopes, craft storage boxes, kiln spares etc etc etc ad infinitum.

One tentative taker for the dismantled wardrobe but they're going to need a helper to carry all the bits plus a very large car or van to transport it.

At the moment the entire hall/porch area are a sea of boxes and bags awaiting collection although hopefully by the end of today it will be stuff-free zone.......

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Robin said...

Look - if you get bored with your stuff - I've got lots here you can come and displace.Lol.
LOVE the pic.