Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It's a zoo through there.........

I'm taking a break from the workroom this morning as I spent ALL DAY yesterday working on some new menagerie pullalong animals.

As you do.

In the end I was so completely engrossed that the animals were talking to me.

No really.

And I was answering them.

First off, pink piglet didn't want to wear a straw hat because he said it made him look like a cissy.   

Then the seaside donkey wanted silk bows AND flowers AND ribbon rosettes on her hat, and complained that the holes for her ears were too small.

Then the fox terrior really kicked off and refused to wear either a hat or a saddle, and whipped the whole group of waiting animals into a revolutionary rabble so I had to separate them all.

I don't know what it is with terriors.......if there's trouble to be made they're always first in the queue.

Incidentally, Small Dog's accent is a soft west country burr, with overtones of Vicky Pollard.


julie campbell said...

Well I havent even seen your donkey yet sandra but already its talking to me and telling me where it would like to live !
I have an old tom cat who smiles a lot and his voice is very leslie phillips, I'm sure he says " Oh hello-o-o " whenever sees food ...
julie xx

Sandra Morris said...


I still have to put the finishing touches to the donkey, but when she's done I'll send you a photo.

BTW she sounds just like Patricia Routledge, just in case you were wondering...


Robin said...

Well a donkey with a posh hat like that needs a very superlative home, I'd say!

Anonymous said...

Wel.... Ai am veri opsett!
Furst...Ai am a terriur and not a terrior and kontrari two mai naim I duu nott terriorrize enibodi.
Sekund...Ai am nevur furst in the cyoo fer truble!
Ai am a vei gud gerl ( Mai Dadi seys sow orl the taim) and I down't konsort wiv rifwraff.

Insidenterly,AI sownd laik Capn' Berdsai. I got de beerd fur it two.
Foresadeen down't ya now, wiv a bit'o Bristle.!
I wood laik tu ware a hatt or a sadel, reely....

Delphi....don't be rood...I mean rude!
Honestly that dog. Any opportunity to play with the keyboard!

Yes...I know.
Pigs would look cissy in hats...the ones you know wouldn't be seen dead in a hat. The ones you know Delphi, are often seen dead since they are reared for sausages and are more likely to be seen wearing a garland of garlic!
Oh dear...that's done it...gone off in a huff...
Terriers are good at huffs! ;)

Sandra Morris said...

doant wurri. i hav givven mi mum a gude tellin of for impuning owr gude naims.

i doant kno whair she gets the ideer that teriors ar trublemaikrs. sumtyms i despare.

eniwai, i am keapen a loow profeil becos i acksidentili weed on the barthrume floar todai bi mistaik. olsow i gott a tellen of four barken threw the fens at neckst doar's dog. olsow i toar up sum tishews on the stares.

yore 'gude' frend
SD xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm SD.

Mey bee sum terriurs are worser thann othurs eh?

I gott mai piktoore on mai Dadis FB paige toodey.
Gow and luk!

Thiss iz wot I get upp too sum deys.


Yor luvin and now cleen, frend

Sandra Morris said...

Oh DD...

Yoo ar veri braiv! i wennt on a kanal bote wunce butt im a bitt skaird of deap wattur so i had two wair a leifjakit ol the teim.

i am deafenaitli a erth terrior and am veri gude at digen. sumtyms i kan gett mi hole hed in the whole. I sumtyms gett tolled of tho, espeshuli when i digg in mi mumz vedgtabil patsh butt i cant help it evin tho i gett mi fais wosht afturwurdz.

Mi mumz koll me a eckskavaiten terior.

yore frend SD

Anonymous said...

Ai excivait too.....and Ai m gud at eet burt nevair in mai Dadi's gardin...he wood be veri upsett!
And I lerve mai Dadi
slerp -kizs- lic.