Thursday, 19 May 2011

Where does stuff come from.............?

D'you remember the fairy tale about The Magic Porridge Pot

I've decided that my workroom is similarly enchanted and had become a portal for 'stuff'.  I've been clearing stuff out of it for nigh on 18 months now, and no matter how much stuff I remove, there always seems to be more.

Today I've emptied and cleared out 5 large A4 boxes full of assorted stuff.  That's quite a lot of stuff.   In total one whole black bin bag of non-recyclable stuff and half a wheelie bin of recyclable stuff.

As I said.

Quite a lot of stuff.

It's not even a big room.  It houses several kitchen base units, 4 bookshelves and a wall storage unit with lots of cubby holes.  Also a large workspace which also incorporates a storage unit.

I'm fairly sure there is a finite amount of storage space, which is why I'm perplexed by the apparently infinite amount of stuff contained therein.


Anonymous said...

Stuff just happens Sandra!
I'm convinced there is such a thing as a "Stuff Fairy"!

Anonymous said...

If there is a stuff fairy she needs to come here and get her stuff, lol! Enjoyed your blog!