Friday, 5 October 2012

Frantic Friday......

I've been chasing my tail all week, desperately striving to clear all my outstanding commissions, keep the house in viewable order, trying to cope with various 'out of my control' crises and generally attempting to maintain an admittedly shaky equilibrium.

Today was the self-imposed deadline for completing all of the outstanding orders, and since that is just about the only thing currently within my control I was determined not to fail.

It's gone right to the wire but I'm delighted to report that I've done it......

As of 5 pm I've put the finishing touches to the final commission, which will be winging its way over the Atlantic on Monday, as will all the others.

To say I'm pleased is something of an understatement.  It was always going to be a tough call.

I'm now winding down with a very large G+T and anticipating a less frantic weekend than of late.

Until Monday of course, when we have to step up a gear for Christmas.

 So here, just for the record, is my mood in a picture....... 


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