Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunny Sunday....

Lovely sunny day today, which is good, especially as yesterday's weather was completely schizophrenic..... sunshine, rain, sunshine with showers then hail.


Great lumps of ice which came bouncing down the chimney and hissed into the fire, giving Small Dog a conniption fit.

It was even more spectacular out in the garden, bouncing off the table and the patio in all directions, like shrapnel.


Today's calmer weather is more reassuring, but although it's sunny, it's also quite cold.  I've been busy this morning, packaging orders and getting organised to hit the ground running tomorrow with a batch of casting to complete.

However, enticed outdoors by the sunshine, this afternoon the three of us set off into the woods behind our house, hunting for horse chestnuts.  Predictably it was very muddy underfoot (or in Small Dog's case, underpaw) and she quickly became absolutely filthy and covered in leaves.  Having successfully filled two carrier bags with chestnuts, we set off home, Small Dog jauntily out in front, oblivious to the fact that she was heading ever closer to her nemesis.  A session in the shower to wash all the mud and woodland debris out of her fur.

If you've never seen a Yorkshire Terrier after it's had a bath then you're missing out on comedy gold.  As soon as she's released from the towel after a quick rub down, she races through the house at 100mph, rubbing her face on the carpets, rolling on her back and wriggling like a mad thing, flying up and down stairs several times in quick succession till eventually she falls into her basket, completely exhausted.

That's where she is now.... exuding the delicate aroma of damp dog, paws twitching as she chases squirrels in her dreams.

It's definitely a dog's life......


PP (Pam) said...

Not a good year for horse chestnuts me thinks. They are very small. Ive opened a couple of dozen burs and put the others in a big black bin bag outside the back door to open as needed. Just hope the squirrels dont find my secret hoard!
Was lovely walking through the woods this afternoon though.
Right Im off.... its Sunday & its a wine night :)

Robin said...

Have to ask...what do you do with all these conkers? A knock-out conker contest? I know they keep moths out of wooliy jumpers...but that's a lot of jumpers!

Sandra Morris said...


Funny you should ask. As I write, PP is peeling and eating them. We also roast them in the oven.... they're perfectly edible and especially delicious roasted.


PP (Pam) said...

Robin - they are not conkers! These are horse chestnuts.... the edible ones. They are in a hairy green spikey case - very very prickly like pins. The other variety - conkers - come in a hard greeny brown spikey case.
scroll down on this page & you will see both.

Neen said...

I have never met a dog or a cat that loved a bath. Small Dog, poor thing, are you dry yet! I am sure you have made your mumz feel very guilty, and that you have received many treats and hugs as recompense....but I am still your biggest fan!

PastMastery said...

I doo egsaktly the saim thing SD!