Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What a grey day............

I'm hoping that today is going to be a little oasis of calm in an otherwise turbulent week.

Well I can hope can't I....?

Yesterday I managed to neatly synchronise two appointments in town which on their own would have taken several hours each.

First off, the dentist for a routine check up.  My usual dentist has left the practice so I was a bit apprehensive at the prospect of breaking in a new one.  She was extremely thorough though, and spent a considerable time poking about with an assortment of scary looking tools.  Just when I thought that lockjaw was about to set in, she announced that she would do a quick scale and polish.  I naively latched onto the mention of the word 'quick' which must mean something completely different in her native language as she then spent a further considerable time descaling teeth right down to my skull.  By the time she finished, my raddled nerves were jangling from head to foot and the entire panoply of weird MS sensations were coursing up and down my face.  

All a-jangle, and with 20 minutes to spare before my next appointment, we popped into our estate agent for a friendly chat and to find out what was, or to be more exact, wasn't, happening.  Our chap has obviously graduated with honours from the Estate Agent's School of Charm, with top marks in Bright Optimism and merit in Calm Reassurance.  Apparently we're doing incredibly well with the number of viewings we've had and he's absolutely, categorically, positively, definitively certain that we'll soon have an offer on the table.  Not quite sure how he can be so certain but presumably he knows the local market, what's selling and what's not, and at what price.  He is, of course, fully aware that the clock is ticking in all manner of ways, not least the expiry of his contract when we can take our business elsewhere.  He is also aware of the pressure we're under to get the house we want.  Of course we know he can't conjure up a cash buyer out of the blue and as he reasonably pointed out, we've been on the market less than 2 weeks, which in the current climate is no time at all, so we're not to worry. 

Slightly mollified, I set off for my next appointment..... the optician for a routine check up and sight test.  I was a bit taken aback when she informed me that I have the early stages of cataracts in both eyes!  I know I've been feeling my age recently but that's ridiculous.  Apparently I've nothing to worry about YET but they want to keep an eye (no pun intended) on them.  When I asked if I wasn't a bit young *cough* to be having cataracts I was even more surprised to learn that their onset is probably due to one of the meds I'm occasionally prescribed for MS.  I'm sure I'd have remembered if anyone had mentioned the possibility of early onset cataracts as a potential side effect but perhaps I've got early onset deafness too.

So I set off from home, if not exactly with a spring in my step, at least feeling moderately OK, and returned a few hours later, a jangling wreck.

Honestly, some days it's just not worth chewing through the straps.....


Karin F. said...

Amazing & scary... all those side effects!
To put it into a better prospect: better cataracts which can be removed than macular degeneration, which can't!

PastMastery said...

AT least you don't have Early Onset Dementia ( Believe me you don't - it's my Doctorate subject !)

That's the next one for me I expect.
Be rather ironic don't you think?

Now what was I doing.... um
where am I....
Is that you Beryl?
Sx ;)