Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wet Wednesday.......

It has been raining ALL day today.

Persistent rain, which has kept itself amused by adopting various guises.   It limbered up this morning with a spot of drizzle followed by a light shower.  However that soon palled and it stepped up the pace to tipping it down, interspersed with periods of raining cats and dogs.

It did all this to show what it COULD do if it really put its mind to it.  Since lunchtime it's been alternately chucking it down and raining stair rods.  I'm mildly intrigued to see where it can go from there.

Torrential downpour....?


Small Dog has nipped outside only twice today to tend to her ablutions and raced back in immediately afterwards.  She's not keen on getting wet.  However even she has appeared fascinated by the variety of rainfall today and took up residence on the sofa, snuggled in her red blanky, staring out at the patio.  I caught her sniggering at a squirrel which looked miserably bedraggled, its normally bushy tails hanging limp and sodden, disrupting its balance as it moped along the top of the fence.

So today has been spent in the workroom, listening to the rain lashing the windows.  I was getting on quite well until the phone rang and our estate agent requested a viewing.

In the next 10 minutes.


PP had answered the phone and I trust he didn't hear my non-deleted expletives to the effect that we needed at least half an hour's notice of viewings.  Cue mad dash round the house, putting away all the detritus of our normal daily lives.  

Small Dog was unceremoniously swept off the sofa and dumped in her basket, swiftly followed by her red blanky.  I raced round the kitchen frantically shoving mugs into cupboards, dishtowel in the washing machine, briefly swished a damp cloth over the worktops and kicked the crumbs under the doormat..... in my defence we'd only just finished eating lunch!

However the workroom defeated me.  I had just begun to tidy up in there when the doorbell rang so our viewer was treated to the unedifying sight of the desk completely littered with 'stuff'.  At least I had time to shove all my stock boxes of materials, which had been lying open on the floor, onto their shelves, but the room did still look messy.

Interesting and creative messy, but messy nonetheless.

I've now recovered my equilibrium but predictably, my whirlwind tidying has resulted in not being able to find anything as nothing is where it should be.  I had been in the middle of completing the last outstanding commission and it's anybody's guess where I've put it.  


I'm beginning to wonder if it's all worth it.




rosanna said...

10 minutes notice ???? I could die on the spot !
No, better not, they would have to remove my corpse as well...
Sandra, I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived today, perfectly packed and so fast.
I love it to bits.
Thank very much, Rosanna

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Rosanna...

I knew you'd like it :-)