Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pointless and futile..........

A dismal start to the day has morphed into a beautifully sunny afternoon, although there's still a definite damp chill in the air.

I allowed myself a slight lie-in this morning and after a leisurely breakfast, thought about what to do with myself.  However my eye alighted on a teetering pile of paperwork which I'd put aside to deal with over a week ago and which has been added to every day since.

There are many advantages to working from home, not least the fact that the commute to work takes less than 10 seconds, but the major disadvantage is that work is always there, hovering on the edge of my consciousness, making me feel guilty about shutting the workroom door on it.

The pile of papers and I, eyed each other warily for a while, till with a heavy sigh I decided to investigate its depths.

I now know that this was a mistake.

What can I say.....?

I'm a fool to myself.

Instead of one, admittedly large pile of paperwork, I now have umpteen small ones littering my desk.  They're roughly divided into level of urgency, such as Should Have Been Dealt With Last Week, Extremely Urgent, Very Urgent, Not So Urgent But Heading That Way and so on.

I ended up with just one document in the Not At All Urgent But Not Sure What To Do With It pile, sitting smugly in splendid isolation, sniggering at all the other piles with a self-satisfied expression that made me want to tear it up in to a zillion pieces and scatter it to the four winds.

This would, of course, be futile and pointless.  Except that by having to laboriously pick up every tiny scrap of paper in case we get a house viewing, I could legitimately ignore the other piles for the duration.

Which is also futile and pointless.


There goes my weekend off.

EDIT:  In conducting a futile and pointless search for an image of something futile and pointless to further illustrate the futility and pointlessness of this blog post, I came across this which will do nicely......


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rosanna said...

I love the sign and understand the feeling.
I wish you and PP a better evening, Rosanna