Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Don't panic........

Stress and anxiety levels were ratcheted up another few notches today when I noticed that the deadline for submitting our ad to the Kensington Dollshouse Festival brochure had come and gone.

I'd put it on my list for the end of March, but while leafing through the paperwork I noticed that the deadline was, in fact, the beginning of March i.e. three weeks ago.

So much for my being organised. Ha!

Panic-stricken phone call to KDF to apologise profusely for lack of artwork and thank goodness their deadlines have slipped significantly too, as apparently the brochure is nowhere near the stage of being sent to the printers.

Huge sigh of relief, followed by a collective panic-stricken intake of breath as we realised that we had to do the ad RIGHT NOW!

Thankfully, perfectionist partner was fully up for doing battle with the combined photo and computer software and an hour later, with only a minimal amount of swearing, there emerged the following, which considering we are complete numpties with both camera and software didn't come out too badly.

So, one more task ticked off my list. Only 8,654 tasks still to do.

Ho hum...........

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