Friday, 14 March 2008

Needle in a haystack.........

A few days ago, I reported on the tidying of my workroom. I'll admit it wasn't perfect but at least my desk was reasonably clear.

It would seem that over the ensuing days, the displacement goblins, aghast at their abject failure to engage me in meaningless and time-wasting tasks *ahem* have taken to messing up the workroom with the following result.

Yes. Yes. I know.

It's a complete guddle.

Even I am shocked.

And yes, this morning I WILL tidy up....... again.

But not because it is such a mess.

And not because I only have 2 square inches of workspace (that's the tiny bit of blue cutting mat showing right at the edge of the table)

And not because of health and safety regulations, for as you can surely see, since setting myself on fire recently, my magnifying lamp is safely covered with a towel, so no hazards here.

No siree.

No, I will be tidying up because I have lost my best and most talismanic needle.

I can't work without it.

It is the holy grail of sewing.......the perfect needle. Beautifully fine, not too long, not too short, and threads like a dream. First time. Every time.

It is somewhere on that desk. It just has to be, for if I have lost it I will have to give up work and go and live a hermit's life in a cave somewhere.

It really is THAT serious.

Anyhoo, I can't waste another minute *pauses for combined sharp intake of disbelieving breath from readership*

Once more into the breach dear friends...............


jose said...

bonitas fotos un saludo desde espaƱa

Sandra Morris said...

¡Gracias Jose!