Thursday, 6 March 2008

Three Weeks..........

Just three weeks to go.

Time to take stock, stand back and assess the wider picture.

There seems to be so much still to do and my hitherto helpful 'to do' lists have degenerated into anarchy.

With time running so short I must now reign in my natural exhuberance and desire to make as much of everything as possible. This is just as well, because the deadline approaches, my creativity seem to be diminishing, as it is submerged and overwhelmed by the practicalities of preparation for the show.

We still have to complete the building of the exhibition stand, sort out the lighting etc etc etc. I'm sure it will look stunning eventually, but at the moment it comprises some bits of wood and a disjointed collection of stepped display units. This is the number one priority at the moment.

Another vital bit of kit, is the 'fair box' which should contain all the vital bits and pieces of essential equipment, such as spare light bulbs, packaging materials, scissors, sellotape, etc. It is now so long since I last did a fair, that my fair box hasn't seen the light of day for over two years. I will need to start again from scratch.

Then there is the question of business cards and flyers, ........information about who we are and what we do, how to contact us, website details etc. With my change of direction from purely doll's house dolls to little toys, my existing literature is completely unsuitable, so I need to redo all the flyers and leaflets to reflect the new range.

Then way down the list, is the thorny question of what to wear. I want to coordinate with the stand, but that could entail me ending up looking like a christmas tree, all gold and sparkly, which would be not the right impression at all.
I also have to bear in mind that the campervan will be packed to the gunnels, not only with all the fair stuff, but also small dog's accoutrements, which take up at least two of the overhead lockers, so very possibly I will only have enough room to pack a thong! Again, most definitely NOT the right impression.

So it's back to basics. Throw out all the old 'to do' lists, and start again, with only the most important, top priority tasks, and dump all the rest.

I feel better already............

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