Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Tempis fugit.....

So, just over three weeks till we leave for the delights of Birmingham and the Miniatura fair.

I have banished the displacement goblins and have been hard at work, creating little toys in my increasingly chaotic workroom.

Work has been continuing apace on our new exhibition stand, or at least I assume so, going on the sounds of sawing, drilling, banging and swearing which have been coming from the dining room over the past few days.

Small dog, although irresistibly drawn to the mayhem, containing as it does various small pieces of wood, shavings, cardboard and paper, all of which she loves to chew, has finally retreated to the workroom, where she insists on lying on my lap.

No matter that I am trying to stitch tiny seams and tie tiny bows.
Or create tiny little wigs
Or minute silk shoes

No, on my lap it has to be. When I objected to this, and gently placed her on the floor, she stood looking at me for some time, while I carefully avoided eye contact. She then quietly crept under my chair and rummaged briefly in the waste bin, before dashing out of the room and up the stairs. As I had no idea whether she had picked up a cocktail stick, stringing wire or other item guaranteed to stick in her digestive tract and involve an emergency trip to the vet, I had no alternative but to follow her to retrieve the stolen item........which turned out to be a piece of glue-sodden paper towel.

She repeated this distraction another twice (feather and leather scrap) before I gave up and allowed her to regain her place on my lap, where she immediately curled up into a tiny ball and went straight to sleep. I could tell by the position of her ears that she was thinking that all that unpleasantness could easily have been avoided if I had only let her do as she wanted in the first place.

That aside, I have managed to complete six gorgeous little toy dolls today, which are all lined up awaiting their boxes.

Of course now that I've left the workroom, small dog has abandoned me, to act as sous-chef in the kitchen while dinner is being prepared. It's her favourite tonight........... beef bourgignon.

It is most certainly a (small) dog's life..........

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