Monday, 24 March 2008

Three days........

So, just three days left before Miniatura.

I've abandoned all attempts at starting anything new and am still struggling to complete the dolls and toys which are 'in progress'.

Have just spent a frustrating half hour sorting out the printer which was absolutely adamant that it was out of cyan ink, despite being fitted with a brand new one ink cartridge yesterday. As I have a few hundred leaflets and flyers to print over the next day or so, this reluctance on the printer's part does not bode well. We've purged its nozzles, which is no less than it deserves, and it is grudgingly churning out a batch of printing. However as it is prone to have a hissy fit at any provocation, I can't just leave it to its own devices and get on with something else.........instead I have to hover round it, making sure that all its needs are met and removing each sheet of paper from its tray as it is ejected, just in case I overload the poor thing.

Patience have I not at this point, so if it doesn't get its act together quick smart I may have to fine tune it with a large blunt instrument.

Stressed? Moi?

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