Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Time's up............

Right, that's it.

I can do no more.

Everything is packed and ready to go........small dog is beside herself with excitement at what she imagines is going to be an ordinary camping trip. Little does she know she is the business mascot and as such must present a professional image for the duration of the trip.

So no digging, barking, jumping like a kangaroo, running round in circles like a mad thing or any of the other activities she freely indulges in.

We have left reams of instructions for stay-at-home daughter and hopefully the house will be gleaming and pristine on our return.

You can tell I'm an optimistic soul can't you..........

So, if you happen to be at Miniatura this weekend, do stop at stand C13 and say hello to the possibly bewildered-looking woman behind it. If you can't see her it's because I'm sitting on a very low camping chair. Or alternatively I'm so exhausted I'm having a lie down under the table. Either way I won't mind at all if you stop for a chat.

Next report (Wi-Fi permitting) will be from the campsite, where hopefully the weather will be warmer than last weekend.

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