Thursday, 12 August 2010

Business lunch........

I have called an impromptu business lunch meeting.

Following my extensive 'To Do' list reorganisation yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to get it all done is to delegate, and apportion specific tasks to individual members of the management team.

Small Dog especially, acting in her capacity as sleeping partner, is going to have to buck up her ideas and pull her weight, otherwise her gravy bone ration is going to experience swingeing cutbacks. Her attendance at business meetings is patchy to say the least. She will usually only deign to join us if there are complimentary biscuits, preferably of the two finger type which come wrapped in silver foil. However today, due to large scale tightening of the fiscal belt, there will be nary a biscuit to be seen.

Her disgruntlement is clear to see and she is already grumbling under her breath. I'm certain I heard her threatening involvement of C.U.R.R. (Canine Union for Rest and Relaxation) of which she is, apparently, a card-carrying member. Quite how she squares this with her management role I'm not sure but she has always been a renegade sort of dog.

Next thing I know she'll be calling for a wildcat strike.

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