Monday, 23 August 2010

Small Dog's mood in a picture.........

I know just how she feels.

Today has been grey and windy, with rain threatening continually. There is not just a hint of autumn in the air. I've already seen vortices of leaves spiralling along the pavements and the trees are turning colour with increasing speed. I don't hold out much hope for an Indian Summer and have even toyed with the idea of starting my SAD lamp therapy early this year, to try to get a head start on the inevitable dip in my spirits come October.

Despite the fact that I've been really quite busy with work, I just don't feel that I'm getting anywhere, which has resulted in my feeling a bit meh, with a dash of bleagh, and a double helping of ho-hum.

Which doesn't bode well for my creativity.

Perhaps I should just yield to the inevitable and snuggle down on the sofa with Small Dog, who, as you can see, has raised the practice of relaxation to an art form.


Ascension said...

Se le ve de lo mas relajado, dan ganas de hacerle compañia y hacer una siesta jejeje
besitos ascension

Sandra Morris said...

Gracias. Sí, Small Dog es muy, muy bueno para relajarse