Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Ho hum............

Although we've only been back from holiday for two days it already feels as if we've never been away.

I've been hard at work since our return, trying to get back on track. Yesterday and today I've been working on some display 'sets' which are going to feature in The Book, so I'm going to have to keep them under wraps. However there has been much sawing, hammering, glueing, and painting going on in the workroom which is all good, and some progress has been made.

I also got a timely reminder of what's hovering just over the time-event horizon with the arrival of the first Christmas catalogue in the post.

In August. I ask you.

KDF feels like ages away, but it will inexorably creep up on me like a stealthy badger. I'm trying really hard to stick to my self-imposed deadlines (which to be fair, have been moved several times already this year) but there's nothing like an impending, immovable deadline to galvanise me into action.

So, instead of relaxing in front of the TV this evening, I'm working on my extensive 'To Do' lists and trying to knock them into something approaching achievable.

Will I never learn........?


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better after the spider bite. So much for your relaxing holiday.

Are you going to be offering signed copies of your book from your website?

Last night was really cold here. I woke up in the middle of the night with a frozed nose which I had to tuck under the blankie to heat up and the trees are beginning to colour and some of the leaves are dropping already so Autumn is definitely not far away.


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Joyce,

The spider bite is scabbing over nicely. I just hope that when the scab drops off, zillions of tiny spiders don't come swarming out of it.


Yes, signed copies of The Book will be available from the website in due course. Hopefully in time for Christmas.

*fingers crossed*