Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday in St. Leonards............

Despite the weather forecast predicting rain and storms of biblical proportions today, it's actually been really rather nice, so this morning we threw caution (and my carefully crafted work schedule) to the non-existent winds and took a few hours out to have brunch in the heart of St. Leonards.

According to a recent Guardian article, St. Leonards is one of the top 10 British seaside gems, and as a resident, who am I to disagree?

PP had a hankering for a crepe, which she'd seen advertised at the Love Studios Market Cafe, so off we set. I opted for an Italian-inspired crepe filled to bursting with mozzarella, parma ham, artichoke, basil, olives and fresh herbs which was absolutely delicious. Appetites sated, we then wandered along Norman Road, once the haunt of ne-er do wells and crumbling, run-down properties, which is undergoing a metamorphosis and emerging as an arty-crafty, des-res, 'artist's quarter' of the area, with quirky shops and eateries opening on a daily basis.

It's an area I wouldn't mind living in..... literally a stone's throw from the beach, some lovely hidden parks and gardens, a wealth of bijou residences from which to choose, and a lively, thriving community of people earning a living doing some really quite unusual, eclectic things.

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