Friday, 6 May 2011

The Paperless Office.....yeah right!

I spent all day yesterday preparing to do the annual accounts.  It's not the worst bit of the whole procedure but it comes close.

Every year I make a solemn promise to myself to file each month's payments/receipts/bank & business credit card statements etc neatly in a large brown envelope, marked with the relevant month for ease of identification.

Every year this perfectly sensible regime lasts till around mid-June, then I get fed up with the onerous task of placing bits of paper INSIDE the envelope, and default to just throwing them in the box.

Every year, around September I get a sudden attack of guilty conscience, and pledge to empty the box and file each piece of paper in the appropriate envelope.

Every year this doesn't happen, which is why every year, come May, I am faced with a storage box crammed full to the brim with miscellaneous bits of paper and only two, maybe three envelopes with the contents carefully filed.


Which is why it takes a whole day to sort out all the paperwork before I even start on the accounts proper.

I'm having a change of venue this year.  Usually I spread everything out on the dining room table for the duration but this year, I'm going to do them in the workroom, although the desk currently looks like this.....

I doubt I could find space for a waffer-thin mint let alone my laptop, calculator, keypad attachment for the laptop, notepad and all the other paraphernalia which accompanies the task. 

However I will have to try.

*sigh of such abject desolation it would melt your heart to hear it*



KT Miniatures said...

Hahahah...Sandra. Not sure why I am tittering I have the mammoth task of my own accounts to do! However in my case, I have shoved it all well out of sight and vowed to tackle it again another day. Out of sight, out of mind!!!!! Good luck with it all. Celia

Robin said...

NO!! I am definitely not tittering!!

Anonymous said...

I have a mathematical husband..they are good for some things!
S :)