Saturday, 26 September 2009

Don't panic.............

The workroom looks like a complete tip. Despite selling off dozens of doll molds (which has yielded two echoingly empty cupboards) the worktops are now awash with assorted porcelain heads, bodies and limbs belonging to an assortment of characters who had previously been discontinued and are no longer in our online shop. All of these various miniature doll parts are destined for a clearance sale in the very near future, but they need to be sorted through and photographed first.

To make matters worse, I have decided to go into major panic mode about the fact that there are only 6 weeks till our next show, so I chose this morning to set about dressing some little toy dolls Therefore, in addition to the mayhem on the worktops around the edge of the room, my side of the work desk is now also festooned with silk ribbons, bits of silk fabric, braids and trimmings etc.

Yes I know it's stupid to start on one thing when I'm only part-way through another but I panicked, okay?

I'm determined to continue with the massive clear-out, but in the meantime, deadlines are approaching and the wolf still has to be kept from the door. So I'm trying to do some serious mulitasking.

With mixed success.

Story of my life.


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