Saturday, 12 September 2009

This mortal coil..........

WARNING - this blog post is not for the have been warned!


Nominally back in the land of the living, although still feeling a bit 'foggy'

I will spare you the most gory details of my 7 hour sojourn in our local hospital yesterday. Suffice to say I am relieved that it is over and when the after effects of both the anaesthetic (brain fog, bruised trachea, insomnia) and the procedure (pain and bleeding) have subsided I will hopefully feel like a new woman.

For the surgically curious, I've had a camera inserted into an organ previously only ever seen in such minute detail by my children, had a bit of it biopsied and a special hormonal coil inserted to try to deal with my abnormal uterine bleeding. The upside of this coil is that is could completely eradicate or drastically cut down the problem. The downside is that in the first few months it will make things worse before they get better.

No matter, at least I am home more or less intact and have been cossetted and pampered by PP and Small Dog, whose notion of nursing care is checking my vital signs by means of sitting squarely on my chest and staring closely into my face. This is closely followed by an enthusiastic licking, before sprawling across me with her head right under my chin, the better to keep an ear on my pulse.

Naturally, after a while this gets uncomfortable for her, so she moves to a little snuggly spot by my tummy, performing the function of a little furry hot water bottle against my ravaged insides.

And there she stayed while I dozed on the sofa, drifting off and waking up to various disjointed bits of daytime TV.

And so, despite an uncomfortable, disturbed night, I am up and about today, gently pottering around and generally engaging in displacement activity, which, I must admit loses it's lustre when you're ALLOWED to do it.

Many thanks to all my blog readers for your e-cards, emails and 'get well soon' messages. They have been much appreciated.


tattyhousehastings said...

Ouch. Ouch. That will be sore then. Hope you heal speedily, and that the magic coil works. Personally a bit afraid of them...well of all of it really but sympathise greatly. Small dog, and your partner bound to make sure you are better soon.

Debbie said...

Hope your fully recovered now Sandra. x