Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sounds like a plan..........part 2

Diligent blog readers who have been paying attention will recall that a few weeks ago I was systematically going through my myriad molds in prepartion for a Grand Sale.

I duly completed the list, emailed it out to all interested parties, and waited with bated breath and not a little trepidation for the replies to start filtering through.

Which they did.

And among them were a couple of offers for the entire collection.

One of which I accepted.

Which is great! The deal has been done, money has changed hands, and I have been carefully boxing up 5 large boxfuls of molds, which will be collected at the end of next week.

Which apart from leaving me with a fraction of the molds I started with, also presents me with a reality I've been struggling to achieve for some time.

The irrevocable step of selling off the vast majority of my molds in one fell swoop means that we will no longer be selling porcelain doll kits after our current stocks are gone.

Which as well as being slightly scrary, is also strangely liberating. Always having to work to maintain reasonable stocks of doll kits took up a lot of 'head space', which had the knock-on effect of leaving less room for new ideas and projects.

Hopefully I've timed it just right, and our existing stock of porcelain doll kits will be completely depleted by the end of this year, meaning that 2010 will be a fresh, new start!

Well that's my cunning plan....or the second incremental part of it.

Wonder if there's anything glaringly obvious I've missed?

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rosanna said...

How brave of you. I suppose this is A a new step towards the total change of life about which you wrote some months ago.I truly envy your capability. I fiddle with the idea of changes but I never get to it. Good luck