Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Every dog has its day...........

Regular readers of this blog may remember, some time ago, that Small Dog (who is a 'boney fido' full business partner) came up with the idea of dog-eared dolls.

As the name implies, she suggested that instead of creating perfectly crafted little toys dolls, I should be branching out into dolls which are a bit moth-eaten, tatty, and rough round the edges, volunteering her undisputed 'distressing' skills to help achieve 'the look'

At the time, although we gave her full credit for the idea, we chose to keep it in abeyance, much to Small Dog's undisguised disgust.

However, following an email earlier today, we are dusting off SD's dog-eared dolls suggestion, and subjecting it closer inspection.

The email enquiry originated from Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures. Celia is the organiser and inspiration behind the hugely well-respected artisan-only Thame Fair which supports the Breast Cancer Campaign. Each year, as part of the fund-raising effort, there is a Charity Auction. In 2010 the theme of the auction is A Box Of Memories to which miniature artisans will make contributions. I'm delighted to have been asked to donate a very tiny toy doll which will sit atop an old packing box. She must be in the style of a doll from the 1920's, old and faded, to look as though she has been stored in the loft for many years.

Hence the dog-eared dolls scenario.

Time is of the essence as the box has to be completed by mid-October, so I've set aside a chunk of time tomorrow to make a start. I'm actually quite excited about it.

Needless to say, Small Dog is strolling around with a silly smug grin on her face. No doubt she'll be expecting a raise in her biscuit ration and preferential share options.

I haven't the heart to tell her that she will not be involved in the dog-earing process..........

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