Thursday, 24 September 2009

What have I done.......?

They've gone.

All 5 boxes.

I feel both bereft and liberated in equal measure.

A really lovely lady and her equally lovely husband now have a bootload of boxes and will be travelling back home to Cumbria tomorrow.

So, in order to take my mind off the irrevocable step I've just taken, I'm now going to indulge in some serious displacement activity .............

Small Dog and I are going to practice all afternoon until we have this routine cracked. SD has already mastered the jaw-dropping finale and I'm going to run up some harem pants on the sewing machine straight after I've posted this.


Anonymous said...

Sad - and I don't mean losing the molds. lol

Having watched the routine I can see some flaws in it from your point of view. Do you have white walls for example? Those cartwheels look a bit vicious.


rosanna said...

Happy dancing and a happy new life!
BTW the spider silk makes me shudder as well.

Sandra Morris said...

Oh ye of little faith! I'll have you know that the cartwheels are the least of it. Anyway, I'm relying on Small Dog to cover my mistakes with some impromptu break dancing.

It's coming along quite nicely. We'll probably put it on YouTube when we're happy with it.

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks Rosanna,
I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to develop our miniatures business in different directions.
Quite exciting really :-)