Friday, 4 September 2009

Flat-out Friday........

It's been a really busy week.

Having embarked on the mammoth task of sorting through all my molds there was no going back, and I am, at last, on the final few boxes.

However the house now looks like a bomb site, assuming that the site in question was a mold-making factory. There is barely a millimetre of spare space anywhere in the dining room or workroom, and even Small Dog has developed a hunted expression on the rare occasions when she pops her head round the dining room door to see what I'm up to.

I'm determined to finish today, so I can work on the actual sale list over the weekend and then hopefully see them all go.


Later the same afternoon..............

Finally finished sorting through the molds and have rehomed the ones I'm keeping in a pristinely clean cupboard where they are all huddled together for reassurance. I'm actually quite shocked by how few there are but I'm putting a brave face on it and keep telling myself it's all for the best.

However the downsizing process has produced one large completely empty double cupboard, which I have bequeathed to PP. While she was out at Tesco this afternoon I thoroughly scoured the cupboard of accumulated plaster dust and revealed it to her on her return as she's always complaining about not having enough storage for her work stuff.

Then I really got the bit between my teeth and started on some of the other cupboards and shelves too, amassing a large collection of useful miniature bits and pieces which will form part of another clearance sale later this month.

At this rate there'll be nothing left in the workroom to work on.

Perhaps there is method in my madness after all.........

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