Monday, 28 September 2009

Make-it-happen Monday...........

Up bright and (relatively) early this morning, brim full of my new positive work ethic. I've decided to give this week a go without any 'to do' lists to see how I get on.

To do lists are the bane of my life I'm going to use this working week as a controlled experiment and assess progress (or lack of it) on Friday, having eschewed lists.

Thus far today things aren't going too badly. All orders which came in over the weekend have been packaged and are ready to go. I'm also fairly well advanced on a batch of 10 new little toy dolls, which, if I had a to do list, would be in the top 5 things to complete this week.

On a related topic, I've had a £10 Amazon voucher burning a hole in my virtual pocket for a week or so. Amazingly, it was my 'reward' for spending 15 minutes completing an online survey on how my small business is coping in the current recession/credit crunch, so literally money for old rope. My free voucher has paid for two second hand books which will hopefully give me all the information I need to revolutionise the way we market our little toys. I just love having a 'project' on the go.

In other news, during a lengthy Geocaching stroll along Bexhill seafront yesterday, soaking up the warm afternoon sunshine and succeeding in locating 6 caches (!!!) within a 1 mile stretch, Small Dog has developed a groin/leg injury. It's one of her back legs and the poor wee mite spent most of the walk heroically hopping along on three legs, while passers-by clucked disapprovingly at our callousness in not carrying her. She's been limping intermittently for the past few days, but as she runs around the garden at full pelt, and up and down a flight of brick steps like a mad thing, we think she's probably just sprained the leg.

Fingers crossed we can avoid yet another trip to the vet. We'll keep an eye on it and see how she does over the next few days. Naturally she is working hard to garner the sympathy vote........she's hamming it up like a small furry Dickensian Tiny Tim, stoically staggering into her basket to rest and recuperate. I expect she'll try to force down a bit of my lunchtime sandwich to keep her strength up too.

Ok, back to the salt mines for me.

And no, this does not count as displacement activity. It's multitasking during my tea break.



tattyhousehastings said...

Ah - geocaching - how cool. I wanted to do that but stupidly don't understand how to locate stuff. Suspect you need a thingy that comes on an i phone. Is that right?

Sandra Morris said...

You need a little handheld GPS gizmo specifically for geocaching. I think Argos sell them now. Ours is the most basic model but it's perfectly ok. You tap in the relevant coordinates and the gizmo shows you which direction to go in, and how far till you reach the cache. However, it will take you to within 10-15 feet of the cache and some caches are tiny (size of film canisters or smaller) so you can also have a 'hint' from the geocacher who placed the cache. Some hints are better than others!
Good fun though and highly recommended.

Not sure if there's an app for the iphone.