Thursday, 3 September 2009

Positive work ethic.........

Well, another 8 hour day bites the dust and I have just about got to the back of each and every mould cupboard.

Of course, as a result, I can no longer get into the dining room, as hundreds of moulds are now stacked up in there, in boxes on the floor, on trays, all over the table.........which is where they will stay pending the Grand Sale which starts next week. I can't face carting them all back into the workroom and stacking them back in the cupboards. In any case,hopefully they will all sell and quickly be collected and taken off to their new lives.

In other news, the sky is glowering was a very dark and stormy night last night and it looks like it's shaping up for another tonight. Just as well we dismantled and dismembered the gazebo yesterday, otherwise it would probably be several hundred miles away by now.

In other, other news, tonight is a no-wine night.

*deep, mournful sigh*

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