Thursday, 10 September 2009

This time tomorrow............

I am so looking forward to this time tomorrow, when I should be safely home and tucked up on a little bed on the sofa with Small Dog giving me the healing paw.

This is because at the crack of dawn tomorrow I have to present myself at hospital for a rather unpleasant gynaecological procedure which thankfully is being performed under general anaesthetic.

Hopefully it will all go swimmingly and after a brief spell in recovery, followed by a cup of tea and biscuit, I'll be collected by PP and driven home to spend the afternoon recuperating.

Small Dog is brushing off her nursing uniform and practicing her bedside manner. Actually it's not so much bedside as bed-on but I'm reassured to know that she is taking her duties seriously.

So, early night for me tonight, and nil by mouth thereafter.

Normal service will be resumed whenever............

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I will be counting the hours off with you.

Pity it is ABSOLUTELY nil by mouth. I am sure you would feel so much better if you could have liquids tonight - preferably well chilled and alcoholic. Don't they realise how much more relaxed you would be tomorrow?

I hope everything goes well tomorrow and that they chuck you out of the hospital claiming you are a fraud.

Joyce x