Monday, 10 May 2010

Another grey Monday.........

I'm fairly sure it shouldn't be THIS cold in May. After a very dull, grey start to the day, the sun is now struggling to break though the clouds and good luck to it I say.

However, even if it suddenly turns tropical outside, I will be confined to barracks today, trying to navigate my way through the maze of tasks clamouring for my attention.

As this will be yet another 'short week' due to my visit to KDF on Friday, I really, REALLY have to concentrate and stay focused. There is just SO MUCH stuff to do though and I will have to prioritise.

Top of the "URGENT" list has to be the THD website.

We've been beavering away on it behind the scenes for the past week, and it has come on in leaps and bounds. However the temptation to keep fiddling and tinkering with it is overwhelming, and I'm beginning to think that it might be weeks before it's up and running again, which is clearly A Bad Thing.

Next on the list is the day nursery room box. I need to have the basic interior structure done and dusted, hopefully by Friday, so that I can see exactly what I need to be looking for.

After that, there is the small matter of china painting all the tiny toys and dolls which were bisque fired last week. With at least 3 paint firings to complete, the whole process will take around a week.

Some way down the list (although it should be much nearer the top) is the end of year accounts which have to be done so that I can submit the business tax return. In a perfect world this could be postponed indefinitely, and even in this imperfect world I usually do manage to postpone it to as near indefinitely as dammit, but eventually even I have to buckle down and enter my own personal accounting hell.

Also on the list, although it should be right at the very top of the 'A1 URGENT - DO RIGHT NOW WITHOUT FAIL!!!' list, is working on The Book. The countdown timer on my desktop perkily informs me that I have 143 days till my publishing deadline which is worrying and reassuring in roughly equal measure.


Enough of this. I have to go and get on.

I may be gone for some time.......

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