Monday, 31 May 2010


Bitter experience teaches miniaturists the wisdom of the acronym 'K.I.S.S.

Which, as we all know, stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid.

I should have subscribed to that principle, as for a large part of today I have been involved in creating THIS...

Can you guess what it is yet?

Top marks if you guessed it is the unholy guddle that represent the wiring for my nursery room box.


Despite the fact that is is most certainly NOT a thing of beauty, the end result is this....


And only mild second degree burns from a recalcitrant and unstable soldering iron.



The Old Maid said...

Nice job! They look fab!

Michelle's Mad World said...

I love the lights, especially the one's in the cabinets! I have never been able to succeed with the copper wiring method, but I noticed you have stuck something over the top of it and the wiring (to keep everything in place?).

Michelle xx

Debbie said...

Looks good Sandra. I've never done any wiring before, I left that to my Dad or Mick. The lights look really good in the cabinets..

Irene said...

Lights are so effective, aren't they? For me, it's the worst job! That's a lovely shade of blue you've used - so nice with the wallpaper.