Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I need a slo-time envelope......

Somewhere in the science fiction canon I vaguely remember reading a short story about a 'slo-time envelope' into which you could slip if you wanted to exist outside of time.

Inside the envelope you could spend a few hours, or months, or even years, doing pretty much what you wanted, then when you stepped back outside, mere nanoseconds had passed.

I wants one.

I can't remember what was inside the envelope, but mine would contain a small room, light and bright, with a window overlooking a stunning view, either of the sea, or mountains, or both. In that room I would be able to catch up with all the myriad tasks which are currently clamouring for my attention. It wouldn't matter if I spent all day/week/month/year in there, because in the real world no time will have passed.


However, in the absence of a fully functional slo-time envelope, I am drowning in an ocean of 'stuff to do', most of which is really important and/or extremely urgent. The net effect is that I feel completely immobilised and incapable of carrying out even the most simple of tasks.

If I sit down to do 'A', I immediately remember that 'B' should have been done yesterday.

So I leave off doing 'A' and take up 'B'.

But then it occurs to me that 'C' will only take 5 minutes, so it would be stupid not to get it out of the way first.

Then the phone rings and by the time I get back I've forgotten what I was doing and resume 'A'

And so it goes.......

Time management was never my forte, but my current downward spiral of ineptitude is both frustrating and depressing in equal measure.


I'm off into the workroom to do some mindless, repetitive, menial tasks which require absolutely NO decision making or creative input whatsoever.

I may be gone for some time..........


Merry Jingle said...

I want my own slo-time envelope, wouldn't it be handy :) Hope that you get all your stuff done, I hate it when I have too much to do at the same time, it makes me grumpy.


Pan said...

What a wonderful idea! Can I have a slo-time envelope too!

I also have a long list of tasks to do - there just aren't enough hours in the day; I am sure there use to be more :-)