Thursday, 13 May 2010


A visit to one of the major international miniature fairs, such as Miniatura or the Kensington Dollshouse Festival requires logistical planning consistent with a military operation. Time is at a premium and with over 175 top quality artisans exhibiting, the collector who is visiting for just one day has to be well prepared for the task in hand.

Today I shall be planning my campaign with military precision, from calculating the amount of time it will take me to travel from the south coast up to central London by rail, then westwards to High Street Kensington by tube. I estimate that door to door will take approximately 2 hours, give or take.

Last week I printed off the three pages of floor plans, and each day have put aside time to use these, in conjunction with the comprehensive online exhibitor's list, which has helpful links to many individual's websites.

My floor plans now feature colourful 'highlighting' on stands of particular interest, along with copious notes for things to look out for. I intend to visit favourite exhibitors first, using my highlighted pages as a route map.

As part of the rationale for pre-booking a Friday ticket is because of the limited numbers who can attend, I'm hopeful that the three halls will not be too packed out, although of course there are always bottlenecks around the most popular exhibitors in each genre.

As the afternoon progresses, I will gauge the time to leave by:

a) How tired I am
b) I've run out of cash

Hopefully these two variables will coincide, and in order to pre-empt the Friday afternoon rush hour I will be ready to set off for home by 4.30-ish. The fair doesn't close till 6pm, but I shall be exhausted and/or penniless long before then.

I'm really looking forward to it..........


Debbie said...

Have a wonderful day at KDF Sandra. Wish I was going. Will want a blow by blow account when you get back and to see your mini purchases. xx

Michelle's Mad World said...

You are so right about needing a well devised plan! I have highlighted my must see stands, and I had already listed all the artisans who had websites. I will take another peek tonight, to keep my mind fresh! However, I have no idea which stands will be the most popular, so I will be prepared! lol

It will take me just under 2 hours to get there and I'm going by taxi. I have my tickets already too, due to the limited number allowed in. :o)) I can't wait! I will be like you, will head home when I'm too tired to look anymore, but it's more likely when I don't want to spend anymore money! :o)

Have a great day! I hope you get what you want.
Michelle xx

Irene said...

Sandra - I plan like fury when I come down for my day's visit to Miniatura. I get the catalogue with the list of exhibitors and tick each one off as I stop/pass. It's so easy to lose your bearings by turning the wrong way! I also nip quickly past the exhibitors showing things I'm not interested in at that time. I also set myself a time scale and hope to reach a certain point by lunchtime, have lunch (another allotted time) then back to the Hall for the rest of the day. That system has worked for me so far.

Hope you have a lovely time and manage to see and get all you want.


Kat The Hat Lady said...

I hope you have a great time, I too are heading there on the Friday. I have no plans other than visiting Nikki's stall and meeting with friends. The rest I am going to make up as I go :-) Haven't got a lot of money so I am looking for a bargin :-)