Saturday, 8 May 2010

Progress report...........

I've been tinkering with the day nursery room box. I found some wonderful resin flooring, which looks just like old floorboards, complete with nail holes, cracks etc and it has been temporarily laid on the floor. I don't want to fix it permanently in situ yet until I have all the structural components of the room worked out. I'll be 'matting' it then too as it's a bit too shiny in its original state.

I'm a great fan of those plain wood shelving units either side of the recessed window. I have used them on all three floors of my toy shop, and they will also feature in my Art Deco doll shop.
In the day nursery I will paint, then distress them. I won't use the perspex shelves supplied though, so I will have to cut wooden shelves to fit.

I had another epiphany when I was playing around with the layout. As the wall they're standing in front of is a false wall, (in order to create the recessed window and compulsory cosy window seat) I can also recess the shelving units by setting them into the wall. This will have a number of advantages.

  • It removes the necessity to paint/distress the top/sides of the units.
  • I can do something creative with lighting behind the false wall to illuminate the shelves
  • It creates lots of display space without sacrificing valuable floor space.

I'm a great believer in serendipity. One of the scenes I want to create in the day nursery is two children having a doll's tea party, and I came across this wonderful illustration earlier today which really captures the sort of look I'm aiming for.

Result squared.

My day nursery will be set in a later period 1899/1900 so the girl's costumes will be slightly different, but I just love the opulence and variety of their wonderful toy dolls.

I've started the shopping list for my visit to KDF next Friday, where I hope I will serendipitously come across the perfect accoutrements for my room box. I'll be taking a little pack of samples of the wallpaper and soft furnishings fabrics I'm thinking of using, so that I can ensure nothing clashes.

I'm hoping to no particular order....

  • Large-ish rug. Yes I could stitch one myself but it wouldn't be ready till sometime in 2035.
  • Circular table and two chairs for the children.
  • Ditto for their dolls.
  • Tiny tea party food for the toy dolls. This would probably have to be 1:48 scale.
  • Nursery fireguard/fender.
  • Tiled hearth
I'll also be on the lookout for interesting and unusual accessories which leap out and proclaim "BUY ME!!!"

If anyone knows of any artisans exhibiting at KDF that I should specifically look out for, do please let me know. I have a limited amount of time so I have to remain focused and avoid distractions.

As if.........


Ascension said...

Te esta quedando genial!!!
Me encanta el suelo
besitos ascension

Pan said...

Wow! it is coming along wonderfully. The floor is really nice but I think you are right to take off the shine. The units will be perfect for displays.

Michelle's Mad World said...

I've used those little cabinets myself and I hate the perplex shelves too! I painted mine to look like wood, and with so much stuff on the shelves you can't tell they are painted. I didn't think to replace them with wood! lol Do'h!

I'm off to KDF too on Friday, and my list is actually a note book of wants/needs! lol I must be disciplined and mainly buy what I need and not a load of 'nice to have's as I fear I could get side tracked and buy all sorts! lol

Have you had a look at the KDF site of all the artisan's who will be showing and their floor placements (I'm guessing you have), it's the only way I will know where to head! lol

Michelle xx

Sandra Morris said...

I don't mind the perpex shelves in my shop displays Michelle, as the lights installed in the top of the cabinets can filter down. However in the day nursery they would look completely wrong.

I too will have a list on Friday, but the chances of me sticking to it are nil I expect.

I've already printed out a copy of the floor plans and am busily highlighting various artisans I want to visit early on in case I run out of time.

Hope you have a great day!