Saturday, 29 May 2010


As predicted, it is raining today.

Rather wishy-washy, showery stuff, as though its heart really isn't in it, but rain nonetheless.

Instead of lovely, clear blue skies, we have shades of grey. It's like living inside Tupperware.

The weather has informed my mood, which is a bit meh.

Not to mention bleagh.

With a bit of ho-hum thrown in for good measure.

I'm girding my loins for doing battle with the electrical installation in the room box. As a veteran of 25 years, this shouldn't faze me in the slightest. I've wired everything from a massive 20 room baronial mansion down to a little shop window display, so I'm not going to come across anything I can't deal with.


The main problem is I don't have enough copper tape to do all the runs I need. So it will be a 50:50 installation - half copper tape with lights directly to plugs which connect directly into the tape, and half wired lighting which will run to a socket strip concealed behind the false wall.

I'm not entirely happy about that, but I'm loath to buy another reel of copper tape just because I'm a foot or so short. I'm also still swithering about the wall lights. Because I need the ceiling to be removable to aid better photography inside the box, I won't be using ceiling lights. I have some pretty wall lights with tulip glass shades which will do the trick but wall lights take up precious wall space, which is at a premium. I've more or less decided, therefore, to put wall lights on the chimney breast. This has the added attraction that I can run the wires down inside the chimney breast construction, and along the floor to behind the false wall, where they can simply plug in to the socket strip.

However, do I use just one wall light centrally on the chimney breast over the fireplace, perhaps illuminating a nursery sampler or similar, or use two, equally spaced to give more light? I could try out both styles on my foamboard construction to see how they look. I haven't wallpapered the chimney breast yet, so any holes will be covered over. However I'd rather just make a decision and be done with it.

Carpe diem and all that.

I think I need a cup of tea and Kit Kat to mull this over before I start. To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, I think it's a four finger problem.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Sandra!
Even if you do live inside Tupperware!

I LOVE that one.....

You do come up with some gooduns'