Saturday, 15 May 2010

But first............


Had a full 10 hours sleep last night but still feeling worn out this morning. I do pity the exhibitors at KDF who have to do it all again today AND tomorrow, before packing up and heading home.

Before I chronicle my KDF experience though, I must tell you about a purchase I made a few days ago and which arrived yesterday while I was up in London.

This young chap was created by the talented Jane Laverick, whose blog posts are among my favourite reads each week. Earlier this week Jane mentioned dolls for sale at remarkable prices in her online shop. If you've got a minute, have a browse through her listings and read the descriptions which are wonderful. I particularly like the Devil.

Anyhoo, the young fellow above was in bargain corner at a frankly unbelievable price (£8.00 - no I didn't believe it either!) so I quickly snapped him up for my fancy dress children project.


The overgrown garden folly? Stone pavilion? Amazing bargain on Ebay...


Never mind.

He looks even better in real life than in the photograph and revels in the name of Undersized D'Arcy. That's what Jane called him as at just over 4" tall he was too small for a 1/12th man and too big for a 1/16th man. However, he is just perfect as a 1/12th child.

Serendipity or what?!

I don't want him to get a complex about his slight stature though, so I've renamed him young D'Arcy, and he is currently getting acclimatised to his new surroundings, sitting on a cotton reel in the workroom.



Michelle's Mad World said...

You're not the only one who's exhausted! I left home yesterday at 9.30 and go home at 20.00 (I left KDF at 17.30). I had a truly wonderful day and bought a lot! I can't wait to see what you managed to buy too! :o)

What A REAL bargain!! WOW!! Fab!
I remember the wonderful pavilion you bought, looking forward to seeing that too!

Michelle xx

Sandra Morris said...

Yes, very tired today but well worth it.

I hope you blog your purchases too.... I love seeing what other people have found.