Friday, 28 May 2010

Marathon week............

I seem to have crammed more work into this past week than all of the last four put together.

Which is good, because I had really fallen behind on lots of things.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I'm planning on getting the lighting installed in my little day nursery, which I just know will take longer than I anticipate. So lots of hole drilling, soldering and electrical jerrymandering will be taking place. I've been putting it off as I'm still meithering about where to put wall lights etc.

However, I can't get any further at all with the roombox until all the electrics are in place, then I can decorate (wallpaper) and install the false wall with the built-in window seat. I might even get as far as doing the curtains and window seat base cushion if all goes well, but it's probably best not to tempt fate.

In other news.... there is no other news.

Nothing to see here really.

You might as well move along

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