Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend Blues...........

It's typical Bank Holiday weather here on the south coast..... dull, grey and very, very wet. It rained all night and has rained off and on all day so far. The forecast is for more rain.


To add to my malaise, the new gazebo I spent all day Thursday erecting on the patio, adding lights etc has sprung a leak, or probably several, possibly on the seams. I'm probably going to have to dismantle it, repack it and hoof it back to Eastbourne sometime next week in order to have a ding-dong with the inappropriately named Customer Service dept to get a refund.


In other news, we've been having fantastic fun *not a hint of irony there* trying to get the new website up and running. We made such a hash of it yesterday that we had to grovellingly contact our new hosting company to reset our server space to default and remove all evidence of our incompetence.

Oh how we laughed.

We're now on Plan B.

Which is very similar to Plan A except we hope that this time it might work. We're girding our loins for having a go at it later this afternoon. It's all rather complicated as we have to set up a MySQL database first, (saywhat??!) then do several zillion complicated things with file attributes and templates, not to mention an all-singing, all-dancing shopping cart thingy to be installed and configured.

Piece of cake.



Jenandollie said...

Shh dont mention the rain, its stopped, just for a min...

Where did you get the gazebo from?

We headed down you know where to watch the drummers, great wet fun!

Anonymous said...

HI Sandra
You should be here in sunny ( but breezy) Brackley ( Northants ) it's rain here!

don't you dare send any! Even if Stephen is worried about his newly acquired water butts not filling.