Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tangled angles......

Up bright and early this morning to tackle the last of the dreaded soft-cleaning (removal of seam lines on castings) which inevitably took much longer than I had anticipated, so it was almost lunchtime by the time I had meticulously loaded the kiln with hundreds of tiny little limbs and bodies.

I then decided to make a long overdue start on my day nursery room box and have got as far as this.

Not much to show for a whole afternoon's work I hear you say.

Pshaw and tush.

Ok, I'll grant you that putting together 4 sides of a box isn't ground-breaking stuff. However I have in mind to install a false wall, behind which I can hide all the lighting and electrical gubbins and in the process, create a recess into which I can put a comfy window seat.

Sounds simple doesn't it?

I thought so too, until I'd spent a hour on Version 1, which was complete pants.

Version 2 started off promisingly enough, until I got to the point where I had to do the angled recess.

Geometry was never my forte. As you can see.

Anyway, I think I've just about cracked it, and the angled recesses are now in place, if a teeny bit wonky. However, I am reasonably confident that by the time I add some artfully draped curtains any discrepancies in my angle calculations should be practically undetectable.

Tomorrow I'm going to install the copper tape runs, lighting sockets, LEDs etc. I have a soldering iron and I'm not afraid to use it. Although this time I won't inadvertently burn a hole in the carpet.


Also, at some point during the day I'll be exercising my democratic right to vote.

Woo hoo......


Irene said...

It looks like you're off to an interesting start with the window! It all sounds easy when said quick enough but angles aren't my thing either. It's certainly more interesting than a window on a flat wall and the window seat idea appeals to me too.

Sandra Morris said...

I'm going to try to make a box cushion as the base of the seat... that'll likely end in tears too.

Pandora said...

It looks good. If I had made it, it would be a very wonky box! The window seat idea is great. I am looking forward to seeing it come together. :-)