Saturday, 18 December 2010

And there's a lot more where these come from..........

OK people.  Here's the deal.

For the second time this month, the road outside our house is an icy wall of death.  We've had snowflakes the size of saucers this morning and as I write the sky is almost black with tons of snow.

Our little car is still parked at the bottom of the hill, and having watched a few cars struggle up the road, mostly sideways, it will stay there for the duration.

I am rapidly losing hope that any of my carefully chosen Christmas presents, ordered online weeks ago now, will arrive in time.  I'd been planning to do all my present wrapping today but there is parlous little to wrap.


Thankfully, due to our shopping expedition yesterday we are both drought and famine resistant, at least for the next few days so we're going to dig in, snuggle down, and enjoy the snowpocalypse unfolding from the cosy warmth of the sofa.

I'm also going to recklessly indulge in no end of displacement activity so you have been warned.  I found these earlier....especially love the little piggy.

I so need to get out more......



Elga said...

Curling up with a book or two and hot chocolate seems like a good idea and what about making a mini something just for you, giving yourself a Christmas present.

Michelle's Mad World said...

It's good news for at least as our severe whether warning has been removed on the Met Office website. HOOOORAAAY! We only have 2 or so of inches of snow.

I guess you can only sit it out and hope for a thaw before Christmas and that your orders arrive very soon!! :o)))