Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Christmas Dog.......

...... just wanted to wish all her blog friends a Very Merry Christmas.

Her excitement levels are gradually rising, especially as a few presents have appeared under the tree, which she has been giving a good sniffing.  Small Dog is very keen on presents and no sooner have the words "Oh look! What you got?" escaped our lips than she falls upon her presents and sets about ripping off the wrapping paper in record time.

However her own presents are put into her stocking, which hangs out of her reach, for obvious reasons.  

Until Christmas morning.

Only 10 more sleeps........


Debbie said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours Sandra. Small Dog looks quite fetching in her Christmas Outfit. I wonder what Father Christmas is going to bring her?..

Anonymous said...

DD is getting so excited..she has had to out today for some special therapy...rabbit chasing, rat hunting, mice watching, ( she doesn't actually hurt them),frog annoying and woe betide the poor toad that happens to come out of hibernation..a big paw ( well...ok...medium paw) descends and gives it a thick ear!This means MOVE! But of course...they don't.

I'm hoping two days of this and I will have a relatively peaceful weekend. ( Who'm I kidding?)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Happy Christmas to SD and all in your menage, Sandra! Our cats are very excited, as things get moved around and strange decorations come out of boxes :)