Saturday, 18 December 2010

End of days.........

It's just approaching midday, and so far today we have had the following:

  • Snow flurries
  • Great big, huge, enormous snowflakes
  • Snow showers
  • Freezing rain
  • Thunder and lightning
  • Hail
It's as black as Newgate's knocker outside and all we need is the plague of frogs/locusts etc to complete the apocalyptic weather scenario.

There are currently horizontal sheets of snow/hail/freezing rain........I think that the God of Weather (his name is Barry) has completely lost the plot and is throwing everything he has at us.

No matter.  We are safe, warm and cosy, and displacement activity rules.

I can keep this up all day you know.........


Michelle's Mad World said...

It all sounds a bit too weird! I'm not surprised you are expecting the unexpected next! lol

One of my friend travelled to Maidstone yesterday for the weekend....I'm wondering whether she'll make it back to Hampshire tomorrow!

Michelle xx

Robin said... don't do things by half down your way! We got the snow..lots and lots and lots and lots...............
You're taking displacement activity to a whole new level - love it.

Margaret said...

I really hope your weather improves for Christmas and gifts arrive in time. Meanwhile you are welcome to keep us entertained!

Marlene said...

Just our typical English winter weather then, we are waiting for the snow here, the sky looks full of it.

Sandra Morris said...

It's certainly losing its lustre by the minute.

At this rate we'll be having cheese sandwiches for Christmas dinner.