Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Small Dog's Advent........

Remember when you were little, on the first of December you were given an Advent Calendar?

Back in the day, (I'm talking early 1960s) my Advent Calendars were strictly two-dimensional and covered in glitter.  All the doors, when opened, showed prettily coloured Christmas-themed religious scenes.... shepherds, Kings, angels, stables, gold, frankincense, myrhh.... then on Christmas Eve, a double door behind which was the nativity scene.

No chocolate

No sweets

No Simpsons/Barbie/My Little Pony/Transformers etc

Unlike today, when the rampant commercialisation of Christmas can yield just about anything on/in an Advent Calendar.

Which is why Small Dog received this......

 Now, in our defence, we have to say it wasn't our idea.  Artistic Daughter saw it and couldn't resist.

Which is why this was the scene this morning......

That's a 'mmmmmmmnnmmm' face if ever I saw one.

We now have another 23 days of Small Dog's high expectations.



rosanna said...

My son doesn't want a calender any more :o(((( and mocks me because I'd like to have one.
SD is a very lucky little chap. Rosanna

Ascension said...

Seguro que ahora cada dia, va a ver que sorpresa encuentra.
Unas fotosgrafias muy simpaticas.├žbesitos ascension

Anonymous said...

DD has also got an advent calender.I made hers last year in patchwork. I'll send a photo.
And guess what? It too, is full of bones.

And what was the word verification of the day when posting this post? they know something?

Boadicea said...

Oh but "humonat" has to be a close second.
Oh that satisfied wxpression on Small Dog's face!

Deep Squeaker said...

That last picture is absolute - AB.SOL.UTE - genius. Hee hee hee!