Monday, 13 December 2010

Oh no it isn't...............

Phew.......... full on weekend of lots of activities so I'm flagging a bit this morning.

Friday was our annual 'works do' which involved an afternoon's mooching around in Eastbourne, a seaview hotel room on the promenade, lovely meal out with friends then first night at the pantomime, which was Cinderella, and excellent cross-dressing, thigh-slapping fun for all ages.  It's the first time I've been to a pantomime in years and I thoroughly enjoyed it.... one of the more bearable festive traditions in my opinion.

Back home on Saturday and Day 1 of the marathon 'house decorating session'.  PP had to wrestle several boxes of decorations down out of the garage loft, and the tree out of the very back of the most inaccessible shed.  I then spent 4 hours transforming the sitting room into a veritable wonderland of twinkly lights and Christmas cheer.

And very festive and cosy it looks too.

Yesterday was Day 2 and the task of tackling the staircase, which is now festooned with green garlands threaded through the banisters, plus little white lights.

Lots of them.

Today I plan to tackle the dining room, which is where we've 'temporarily' stored all the stuff out of the campervan, which is now for sale.  Quite where all the 'stuff' is going to go for the time being is uncertain, but as we have to have the dining room serviceable over the Christmas period I will have to find somewhere.

Strangely, the workroom is quite tidy for a change and it's tempting to shove all the campervan stuff in there for the duration, but I'm loath to do that because last night, unable to sleep, I had some great ideas for new miniature toys which I'd really like to try out.

As I can still remember them this morning they must qualify for at least a smidgen of research and development to see if they're viable.  So I'm going to try to keep the workroom as a workable space over the coming few weeks.

Which only leaves the third bedroom, into which I would be lucky to squeeze a wafer-thin mint but I'll give it a go.

Oh no you won't!  

Oh yes I will.......... *repeat refrain until either exhausted or felled from behind with a blunt instrument*

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Anonymous said...

I shall post some piccies of MY Xmas decorative efforts soon on the blog Sandra.
Oh no you won't....Oh yes I will.....
Where are your pix then...?

I writ a panto for all my morris men to do on Boxing Day. You are right it IS fun!I'll send it to you...
Oh no you won't oh yes I WILL!

repeat refrain until Sandra hits me over the head with something suitably silly and panto-ish!!
tee hee