Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snowed-in in St. Leonards......

We had a foot of snow overnight, on top of the 6 inches from yesterday, and it is still snowing.

Our car is a vaguely car-shaped hump under a snowdrift on the road.  Even if we could dig it out, we live at the top of a very steep hill, which currently resembles nothing so much as a slope of frozen death.  Even 4x4 cars, which were managing yesterday, aren't able to get up and down our road this morning so there is absolutely no hope for our little Matiz.

Small Dog gave the back garden a firm paw's down and elected to complete her morning ablutions on the patio.  This is probably just as well, as had she ventured out from under the gazebo, she would have completely disappeared under the snow.

Talking of the gazebo, it was groaning under the weight of accumulated snow, which PP had to knock off with a broom handle from underneath, allowing masses of snow to fall to the ground with a huge thud.

And it's cold.

Really, really cold.

So no hope of a thaw in the immediate future.

Prodigal Son has been unable to get to work but was persuaded to make the hike down to the shop where he did battle with other beleaguered residents for the last loaf of bread and bottle of milk.  You may remember a similar odyssey from the other major 'snow event' early this year.

Thankfully he won and returned triumphant like a prehistoric hunter-gatherer so we have toast and tea with milk for breakfast.


However, in these current conditions our prospects of getting to KDF on Saturday are slim to non-existent.

 Temperatures won't struggle above freezing till well into the weekend and yet more snow is forecast between now and then.  Even if we are able to get out of our road and onto a main road at 6am on Saturday morning, it would be touch and go that we would be able to safely get to London, as we have to drive through some of the worst hit areas of Kent, uphill all the way.  It's a nightmare journey at the best of times, and this most certainly isn't the best of times.



Michelle's Mad World said...

It's bad here too, we had almost a foot of snow overnight and everything has come to a standstill. It's -4c here, still snowing and more on the way and the warmest it will be today is 0.

I did wonder about KDF and who will be able to get there?! What a nightmare! We have enough supplies to last a few days and more! No work for me till I get out of the road.:o((

Keep warm!
Michelle xx

Sandra Morris said...

I don't think we're going to be able to get to KDF. We don't live on a main road and everything here is completely snowed under.

It's snowing quite heavily here again now so sadly I think we'll have to cancel.

Anonymous said...

That is a shame that you probably won't get to KDF especially after all the work you put in but better safe than sorry and in this weather who knows what could happen.

Of course we don't have a drop of snow here, would you believe? Everywhere else is talking about a foot or more and we have nothing.

We are supposed to be travelling to Hampshire tomorrow but I don't think we are going to risk it which is a shame because it was the last visit to family before Christmas.

Now they are saying that the petrol stations are running out of fuel. No diesel in Tesco today so we had to go to one of the expensive ones but at least we got filled up.

We bought long life milk today as well just as a precaution and have bread in the freezer so if it does decide to snow here we should be fine.

Debbie said...

Sandra, we have not a flake of the White Stuff here, much to my Son's disgust. It is however, Freezing Cold, with deep penetrating Frost and ice, the temperature is not getting above freezing. If I was you I'd stay indoors in the warm, God forbid, you do venture out and then get stuck somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Buggrit indeed. Just when I was looking forward to seeing you!

We may be the only ones AT KDF! We are not too bad here. We do have some snow but not enough for intrepid polar explorers to be put off.

The M40 is still ok...however it's - 7...tomorrow? Who knows?

Stay in the warm Sandra. You know it would do you no good at all to get stuck in a drift somewhere...

Sue & DD