Monday, 20 December 2010

Nape of the neck..........

PP and I have both had haircuts today. 

I was beginning to look like the Wild Woman of Borneo so a trim was long overdue.  

PP, amongst her myriad other talents, is a trained hairdresser, and she has passed "The Knowledge" onto me.

Or at least one very small part of it.

I can only do one haircut, (hers) but I've been doing it for nigh-on 10 years now so I'm getting passably good at it.  I bet you think that cutting hair is a piece of cake.  I can assure you it's not.

It's damnably difficult.

You have to think about angles, and grades, and getting it looking the same on both sides.

And NOT saying "whoops!" at critical moments.

All the while conducting a very certain kind of conversation, which usually runs along the lines of.....

"Beenonholiday? Goingonholiday? Doinganythinginterestingthis weekend? Ohright. Right. Noreally?  
WelllikemeandWayne/Duane/Shane likewentuptownon Saturdayandhadalikea totally BRILLIANT night. 
Ohyoushouldsotryit. It'slikereallyBRILLIANT. 
I'llhandyouovertoKyleewho'sgoingtolikeblowdryyou. Cupofteaorcoffee?Magazine?

If you have to have this done in a 'salon' you then have to get home really, really quickly hoping you don't run into anyone you know, and wash your hair immediately at least twice to get rid of the tons of 'products' applied to ensure that nothing short of a nuclear blast will move a hair out of place.

Admittedly I don't do any of the banter as I have to concentrate very, very hard on not cutting off too much, or too little, or getting the angles all wrong, and getting the nape of the neck just so.

It takes a lot out of me.  And gives me a lot of respect for the art of haircutting.


Michelle's Mad World said...

The hair dressers banter was hysterical! lol My type of displacement therapy! lol

Michelle xxx

Sans! said...

This must be the international banter for hairdressers! They do that too over here. I am convinced it's in their handbook!

Anonymous said...

Take it from's the same in Sweden ( where I used to live ) but of course in Swedish...

Hur mor du? En small trim? Ya? Du vill gor ut idag? Ya? etc.

YES it is a necessary part of the training.Without the banter the haircut wouldn't happen.