Saturday, 4 December 2010

Too little, too late...........

The snow here is finally starting to thaw, although the ice is so thick on our road it will take ages to melt.  Residents who've been snowed in for the past 3 days have been attempting to get their cars out and are skidding all over the place.

However, temperatures have struggled above zero for the first time in what feels like ages, and there is the real possibility that we might be able to get out in the car tomorrow, if the thaw continues.

I can only imagine what our local Tesco Extra superstore is like today.... assuming they've been able to restock.  The little corner shop at the bottom of the hill has had no bread, milk or fresh foods of any description since Wednesday when the snow closed in.

Our hill seems to have defeated the postman for the fourth day running.  Still, look on the bright side.

No bills.

I'm really, REALLY fed up today.  I should be at KDF enjoying the fruits of our months of hard work.  The only upside I can see is that we don't have to contend with a nightmare journey home this evening.  

And that really isn't much consolation at all.

However, our Christmas Special Offer Sale is currently live and will end at midnight on 6 December so do feel free to have a browse. 


Michelle's Mad World said...

What a shame about KDF for you, yes too little too late.

It's the same here weather wise, though it's been a warm 6c today and we've had a bit of a thaw! We had rain last night that has washed some of the snow away, but still loads on the roads and pavements. Peeps were venturing out on foot more today also having a go in their cars.

We've had no post for 3 days...I hope we get some on Monday!

Hope you get to make it out soon!
Michelle xx

Sandra Morris said...

Me too Michelle.

We're down to stale bread and dog milk.


Elga said...

Sorry, you had to miss KDF, it is one of my dreams to go there. I just can't imagine all that snow, I live in too warm a place for snow, hope you get some fresh food soon.

pastmastery said...

We missed you lots Sandra. You should have been there especially as it was my last time!
Ah well...can't be helped.

Your display looks stunning.

I'll see you either at Thame or in May when I shall come as a punter!


Sans! said...

Sandra, sorry to hear about the condition at home and that you have had to miss KDF.

Just wanted to send you some warmth from the tropics and tell you not to despair. At least, we still have you here in Blogland :) and you have us.

Will gladly send you some bread but it will probably go very stale (as well) by the time it reaches you.