Friday, 3 December 2010

D'you want the good news or the bad news.......?

The bad news is we have decided that we won't be exhibiting at the Kensington Christmas Festival tomorrow.   We're still snowed in at the top of our hill and although the main roads are mostly passable we simply can't get from home to a main road.... short of bodily lifting the car and carrying it.  

Similarly the southeast rail network is still in complete disarray, and even if the trains were running we still have the problem of getting to the station which would involve trekking on foot to the nearest point where a taxi could reach us, carrying all our stock.

Both options are clearly unfeasible.

To add to the problem, temperatures today haven't risen above freezing and are forecast to get down to minus 8 overnight, with snow and sleet falling onto already frozen surfaces.  So driving conditions when we would have to set off at 6am tomorrow morning will be atrocious.

We have endlessly debated and deliberated and have finally decided that it would be far too risky to even attempt the journey.  Worst case scenario we could be stranded in the middle of nowhere, or involved in an accident.  So although we are bitterly disappointed, after months of work, to have to pull out, we just can't see how we can possibly do it without risking life and limb.

Heartfelt apologies to all our customers who were hoping to see us at the fair.  If you were hoping to collect orders from us, we will post them out as soon as we are able to reach civilisation, hopefully early next week. 

And the good news.........?

Well, we've been working really hard today listing all of our KDF stock onto the Diminutive Dolls website.  There are dozens of special offers scattered throughout the store, with lots of new miniatures in most categories and for this weekend only there are some wonderful bargains to be had. 

In addition, we will offer the following extras for orders placed on the Diminutive Dolls website.....

  • Orders over £50 (excluding shipping/P+P) will qualify for a beautiful little toy crib kit worth £6.00 absolutely FREE!
  • Orders over £75 (excluding shipping/P+P) can choose between one of our new toy marotte kits worth £10 or the beautiful little toy crib kit.
  • Orders over £125 (excluding shipping/P+P) will qualify for BOTH free gifts (crib kit AND marotte kit) worth a total of £16.
The Christmas special offer prices are valid from now till midnight on 6th December.  Thereafter everything on the site will revert to the full list price.

There are also lots of Christmas Special Offers on our sister website Tower House Dolls with reduced prices on porcelain doll kits, dressed dolls, fabrics and trimmings, wigs, hats and lots of miscellaneous miniatures - some up to half price!
We are happy to combine postage for orders placed on both sites for the duration of the Christmas special offer!  Simply order on both sites as normal and we will refund one lot of postage.

So you can all now see the result of our creative endeavour over the past few months.

We can't take our display to KDF, but we can bring our KDF display to you instead.

So it's not all bad news then........


Robin said...

I'm absolutely gutted for you - knowing how hard you've been working and also that you have some fabulous new miniatures to show. Still it ain't worth risking life and limb and I suspect that you won't be the only ones who just can't make it.
Keep yer end up.

Sandra Morris said...


Thanks matey. Yes I suspect there will be more than a few exhibitor gaps and visitor numbers might be down too.

Still...never say die eh? At least living at the top of a hill I don't need to worry about flooding.

KT Miniatures said...

Sorry to hear you are still snowed in Sandra....your part of the world had the snow pretty damn badly. Must truly be upsetting not to be able to get to KDF after all the weeks of hard work. As a colleague I know only too well the committment, time, effort plus financial committment it takes to prepare for a big fair. One does not undertake it lightly.

Have taken a peek at your website and you have some gorgeous items for sale. Am sure they will be snapped up pretty quick. If anyone who is reading this has not taken a look yet...DO GO TO TAKE A LOOK AT SANDRA'S WONDERFUL CREATIONS SHE HAS FOR SALE!!!!! They are simply fabulous. Chin up matey. Celia